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On this page you will find some of our Brand New kits for the DIY money conscience person - these kits feature brand new PUMPS, New tubing, diffusers, etc.  We bundle these in house and cut costs to offer these kits for small to large lakes and ponds!!  Want to create a custom kit - just ask - we can provide it!
This kit is Perfect for ponds above 1/2 an acre to 3 acres.  It features a brand new 3/4 hp Thomas Compressor with 300' of Sink tube, 3 diffusers, and all fittings and accessories.  Ready to connect and throw in the water.

The Pump has a 2 year factory warranty!

Price for this kit runs $897.55
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Same kit as above but only has 150' of tubing and 4 diffusers.

All Brand new items, pump has a 2 year warranty.

Price for this kit runs $785.55
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