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Solar Powered Aeration

If Grid-Powered aeration is out of the question due to cost or location, Solar Aeration is a great alternative. We stock and supply several brands of Solar Aeration Systems.  
We carry those made by

US Solar Mounts

EasyPro Solar Aerators

and our DIY Pond Aeration bundled kits.

Below you will find some helpful information on some of these along with pricing.   Most kits can be customized if needed.  

Kits are available with or without solar panels.  

The American-Made SLA Solar Direct Aerators from U.S. Solar Mounts have unmatched quality at very competitive prices. Contact us for system design assistance.

NO Batteries required
EXTREMELY high-quality components and design
Quietest solar units on the market
Simple, plug 'n' play installation with a few simple tools