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Below you will find various parts and supplies for all your Pond and Lake needs - Check back often as we constantly add NEW Products!!
Air diffuser platform with 9" EPDM Disc Diffuser(s)
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Air diffuser platform with 9" EPDM Disc Diffuser(s)  
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These air manifold kits are available as a 2 way, 3 way or 4 way manifold. Each manifold includes necessary hardware to connect to the 3/8" outlet of your air compressor. The oil filled pressure gauge allows for an easy read of accurate psi within your system. It does not vibrate like a non-oil filled gauge. The pressure relief valve will open at approximately 50 psi to alleviate back pressure and potential damage to the compressor. The multiple brass valves are 3/8" and connect to a heat protection hose which then connects to your actual air hose. The heat protection hose dissipates the excess heat from the compressor before it reaches your softer air hose.

2-way Kit $120.00

3- way Kit $157.00

4-way Kit $191.00

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9" Replacement EPDM Disc diffuser
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Self Sink Weighted Aeration Tube

Our Weighted Hose is available in 3/8" , 1/2", 5/8"   ALL self weighted air hose is an in stock item.  Our weighted air hose is very heavy duty and pliable. It is stronger, thicker and heavier than other brands. Our air hose will not crush or kink and can handle freezing temperatures. 

This hose is a flexible PVC that is ideal for trouble free delivery of air to pond aeration systems.  This Tube is a black weighted PVC compound which ensures durability, reliability and sink-ability while in use.  


•Remains flexible for use in a wide range of temperatures.
•Greatly reduces installation time, requires no maintenance following instructions.
•Naturally sinks without the use of additional weights or anchors.
•Available in 3/8", 1/2", 5/8, Special order in 3/4 and 1" ID sizes to fit most aeration systems.
•Packaged in coils or reels depending on application lengths required. 


•Pond and lake aeration.
•Water recirculation.
•Ice clearing.
•Wastewater lagoons.
•Commercial hatcheries.


Service Temperature Range  
25 to 150 ºF

-4 to 65 ºC

Weight per Foot  
0.20 lbs/ft for 3/8" Size

3/8" ID x 100' Length runs $113.64 

3/8" ID x 300' Length Runs $264.55

1/2" ID x 100' Length Runs $179.85

1/2" ID x 300' Length Runs $497.97

5/8" ID x 100' Length Runs $184.55

See a size or length not listed - just email or call us - we can custom cut any length and any size!!

                                                                                    RING DIFFUSERS

RING Diffusers - These come in a 4' long length / 16" diameter - and can be used on any aeration system, septic system, lake or pond!  These are not self weighted - and if they float would need to be weighted with a brick or rock to help them sink.  Most of the time if connected to Sink tube they will sink and float just enough off the bottom of the pond to not stir up debris.  These come with a 1/2"x1/2"x3/8" Tee fitting and 2 clamps.
This Diffuser tube can be custom cut and ran in any desired length or section - have a special question or need just ask!!  

1 - 4' RING  --  $37.55

3 - 4' RING --  $89.43

4 - 4' RING  --  $105.67

 Weighted Base TUBE Diffusers

Designed to go hand-in-hand with our SD & AC Series of Lake Aerators, U.S. Solar Mounts’ High-Efficiency Diffusers are a step above the rest. Utilizing aeration tubing instead of industry-standard rubber membranes, these diffusers offer greater flow rates with much lower backpressure. With hidden benefits like reduced system wear and extended life on compressors, use them to improve the effectiveness of any aeration system.

Each diffuser is ruggedly constructed using high-quality, American-Made components with a proven history of durability. Features like a built-in handle, hose strain relief, and a lightweight design maintains function and ease-of-use.

Looks great. Works better. Always. The new American Standard.

DB36 ( 36" Diffuser ) Model  Runs $198 each.

DB72 ( 72" Diffuser ) Model Runs $289 each.

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7" Membrane Diffuser with weighted Base.  Comes with a 3/8" Hose barb to attach to sink tube.    These run $47. each
QS1 Quick Sink Self Weighted Diffuser Assembly – Single Diffuser
Self Weighted Single Membrane Diffuser Assembly

Fine bubble diffusers for maximum lift and oxygen transfer efficiency
Low maintenance rubber membrane diffusers in single or double configuration
Self weighted, powder coated steel base
Strain relief hardware for fast and secure installation
Low head pressure loss
Inlet air fittings (included) accepts 3/8″, 1/2″ or 5/8″ tubing
Unique barbed fittings with built in check valves to keep water out of tubing
Single head handles airflow from .8 – 3 cfm
3/4″ mpt inlet on diffuser head
Stainless steel hose clams and strain relief hardware
Designed for fresh water applications
Five year warranty

Units include:
 Self-weighted base with installed Schedule 80 plumbing
 10" rubber membrane diffuser disk(s) with 3/4" mpt inlet
 Unique barbed check valve fittings
 Stainless steel hose clamps and strain relief hardware

BUY SINGLE Diffuser QS1 $165.99
BUY DOUBLE Diffuser QS2  $180.99