Want to know how to get rid of geese? Give us a risk-free try. With a 97% success rate over 15 years, over 26,000 units in service worldwide, and made in the U.S.A, we are the industry leader and know you won’t be disappointed.

Our guaranteed geese deterrent products feature a solar-powered light that is scarcely noticeable to humans but is very disruptive to the sleep of the geese, causing them to find another habitat after just a few restless nights. The solar-powered lights charge each day and flash 360 degrees, every two seconds from dusk to dawn, at eye-level of the geese. They require no maintenance and the durable ABS plastic of their bases will withstand any weather conditions. Each unit will get rid of geese in a 100-yard radius.  

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Away With Geese is the most effective, humane, and environmentally friendly way to eliminate your geese problems. Available for land or water, each unit is solar powered and emits an amber colored light, disrupting the sleeping pattern of geese, ultimately encouraging them to move to a new location. A single unit will effectively protect an area of 6.5 acres.

It protects the property continuously with no maintenance. There is simply no other method available that measures up in effectiveness, safety, cost, or reliability.

The Away With Geese product has an effective range of at least 100 yards in any direction. One unit will deter geese in a pond that is up to 6.5 acres in size provided that all areas of the pond are within line-of-sight of the Away With Geese light.

Some ponds may have inlets or bays where geese can hide in the edges of the pond. In order to have the light reach these areas, special care must be taken when placing the Away With Geese unit so that hidden areas of the pond are within line-of-sight.

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The original unit is designed to easily rid private lawns, 
fields and gardens of unwanted geese, 
taking only seconds to install 
and easily moved, if so desired. It is satisfaction
 guaranteed to deter geese from the 
freshly-cut grass and water features 
of yards and prevents additional 
geese from coming and staying.

The Residential Unit is designed to rid private lawns, fields and gardens of unwanted geese. It features an amber 360-degree solar-powered LED light that flashes every two seconds, from dusk to dawn, year-round.

The light is mounted on a cylindrical base comprised of ¼-inch thick ABS black plastic that will never fade, crack, or need to be replaced.
This base mounts on the ABS black plastic ‘fin’ which encases a ¼ inch galvanized steel metal spike. The fin/spike holds the unit securely into the ground, with the bottom 6 inches penetrating the ground and top 4 inches integrated into the fin, which holds the base.
The design allows for effortless installation—just put the fin/spike into the ground and place the base on top, and then feel free to move when desired.
When installed the unit is 18 inches in height, right at the eye level of the geese.

BUY THIS NOW   $399.00

The floating Water Unit is recommended for use
 in ponds, lakes, retention areas and
 any waterway where unwanted geese are a 
problem. It is satisfaction guaranteed and is 
maintenance and worry free; it won’t tip or 
be affected by the elements, and
 can stay in the water year-round.

The Water Unit is recommended for use in ponds, lakes, retention areas and any waterway where unwanted geese are a problem. This floating unit features an amber 360-degree solar-powered LED light that flashes every two seconds, from dusk to dawn, year-round.

The light is mounted on a base comprised of ¼ inch thick ABS black plastic that is configured completely in a one-piece design so there are no seams or points of weakness. It will never fade, crack, or need to be replaced.
The base is specially designed to effectively displace water and maximize its stability, despite any strong winds and possible choppy waters. Boat hulls informed the shape and ratios of the base design; we have never had a report of one tipping over.
5 pounds of added ballast keeps the unit weighted and a built-in eyebolt is used to keep it localized when tethered to a cinder block. With a recommended 10 feet of slack in the line, the unit is able to float in a small circular area, when moved by wind or current. This movement adds an additional level of deterrence for the geese.
NOTE: a cinder block and a tether rope are required for installation, but are not included.

The Water Unit’s light is scarcely noticeable to humans but is very disruptive to the sleep of the geese: it is directly at their eye level, and is annoying to their incredibly sensitive eyesight. Geese choose to sleep in locations that feel safe to them, in which they are free of threats from predators while they rest. The safety in the water is why they choose lakes, ponds and other waterways for sleep and/or rest at night. The light causes them to no longer feel secure at night in the water. Because geese prefer to sleep and eat in the same area, they will no longer find the adjacent grassy area attractive during the day either, and will leave to find another habitat, usually after just a few restless nights. To humans, this light is very dim: in 15 years, no one has ever complained about it bothering them.

The LED light component has been specifically designed to be trouble-free and effective. The LED light is integrated with the solar-powered battery, and specially sealed to withstand any weather conditions. The solar panels that span the top of the light only need 15 minutes of sunlight per week to operate, and a fully charged battery (6-8 hours of sunlight) will operate the light for 6 nights. The light is guaranteed for its estimated life of two years, though the average lifespan of a light is 4-5 years.

The Water Unit has a 100-yard effective radius and is incredibly effective at deterring geese as it flashed light while also moving with the water. It is maintenance free, satisfaction guaranteed, and comes with a two-year parts warranty. Fill out our short, free Placement Study for our professional recommendation of the type and number of units, and their most effective placement for your property, via email.


Is the light that Away With Geese emits annoying to people too?
The answer to this is a simple ‘no’. The light emits an amber light that is hardly noticeable to people. However, it is extremely unnerving to geese, as they have excellent and extremely sensitive eyesight, and choose to not reside by a consistent annoyance. Otherwise, the device is visually very unassuming; the base and housing are simple and blend in very well in the natural environment.

I’ve tried a lot of things that haven’t worked. Why will this be any different?
We often talk to people who say their garage is full of products that they thought would work and they don’t want to be disappointed again. We tell them, and you, that you have nothing to lose. We have a 97% success rate, and stand behind our product with a satisfaction guarantee. This is what we ask that you do: request a placement study so you know what’s right for your property. Then go ahead and follow our recommendations for your property and give Away With Geese a try. If you are not happy with the results for any reason give us a call at 513.941.6730; we’d love to help and troubleshoot with you. If after 90 days you are still not happy with the results, you have until 180 days from the date of purchase to return it to us, and get your money back.

Will the Away With Geese product work year-round?
The product will provide continuous service year-round. The materials that we use in the construction of the product will hold up well against ice and snow, so you can keep the product outside in your pond or in your yard year-round. The light automatically recharges itself in sunlight and will keep its charge for up to 6 days without sunlight.

What if I have geese at my pond that have recently had goslings? Will the mother and goslings be deterred?
Mother geese will not forsake their goslings under any circumstances. However, after thirteen to fourteen weeks the goslings are weaned of their mother and capable of flight. At this point, Away With Geese will deter both the mother and the developed goslings.

Do I need to bring my Away With Geese in for the winter season?
No. You may keep the product in the pond throughout the winter, even when it freezes over. Away With Geese can be removed, however, in northern regions as geese in these areas migrate to the south. You can find detailed instructions on winterizing an Away With Geese Water unit here. If removed, be sure to turn off the unit while storing inside for the winter. Continue protecting the water by turning the unit back on when returning to the water in the very early spring.

Is the light that Away With Geese emits annoying to other birds?
No. It will not bother other birds- ducks, herons, and all other birds will not be affected.

How do I turn the unit on or off?
Take the light off of the unit and turn it up-side-down. Look for a small circular hole on the bottom side of the light in the orange plastic. The on/off switch is inside this hole. Open up a paper clip and insert it into the hole until you feel the click of the button being pushed. The unit only needs to be turned off if you are not using it, i.e. bringing it inside for the winter. To test whether it is on or off, take it into a dark closet to see if it is flashing.