EasyPro Rocking Piston SRC series Repair Kits

Includes piston cup, cylinder, O-rings and cup retainer screws for Stratus SRC series (Gen 2) compressor.  Leaf valves no longer included in kit – Complete leaf valve plate is available as screws holding leaf valves are susceptible to breaking which makes individual leave valve replacement very difficult SRC25VP is a complete valve plate with leave valves installed should they be needed

Part #       Ship Weight     Buy it Now Price
SRC25K       1 lb.               $84.48 
SRC50K       1 lb.               $155.99
SRC75K       1 lb.               $202.99

SRC25VP and SRC50VP are complete valve plates with leaf valves installed
Part #            Ship Weight   Buy it Now Price
SRC25VP          1 lb.                $99.59
SRC50VP          2 lbs.              $205.49

EasyPro ERP Series Piston Compressor Repair Kits
​These also fit the Matala Brand MPC60, MPC120, and MPC200
Part #          Ship Weight   Buy it Now Price
ERP25K          1 lb.                $60.99 
ERP50K          1 lb.                $116.99 
ERP75K          1 lb.                $153.39

EasyPro Rotary Vane Service / Rebuild Kits

Rotary vane compressors each have four self-wearing vanes, when
worn they no longer catch air resulting in reduction of air flow.
• Kits include four vanes, gasket and two black, internal air filter

Part #      Description                 Buy it Now Price
RV33V        RV33 repair kit            $199.59
RV75V        RV75 repair kit            $219.79
RV100V      RV100 repair kit          $297.29  

EasyPro ​KLC and Medo ML Series Diaphragm / Piston Repair Kits

KLC 25 - KLC100 Models

Part #               Buy it Now Price
KLC25DK         $42.29 
KLC40DK         $49.49 
KLC68DK         $57.19 
KLC100DK*      $80.79
KLC100DK* fits KLC 100 and 120 Models.

ML Piston Repair Kits

Part #               Buy it Now Price
ML28RK               $69.59
ML45RK               $84.99
ML60RK               $141.79
ML80RK               $155.49
ML120RK*            $239.99
ML200RK             $458.09
*for ML100 & ML120

EasyPro DC22 & DC12 Repair Kits

• If your air compressor runs but does not pump air after a couple years of service, chances are the diaphragm has cracked
• Kits include the diaphragm, head gasket and parts needed to rebuild compressor to “like new” performance

Part #      Description                             Buy it Now Price
RK22           DC22 (1/20 hp) repair kit         $82.89
DC12RK      DC12 (1/8 hp) repair kit           $75.29

GSE Rocking Piston Compressor Service Kits

ZW280 Model includes Head Gaskets, valves, o-rings, sleeves, and cup seals.

Model #                Buy it Now Price
ZW280 Model           $64.99
ZW500 Model           $115.99
ZW400 Model           $109.99 ( Includes O-rings, valves, and Cup seals only )

Thomas Rocking Piston Rebuild Kits

These kits come with sleeves, o-rings, head gaskets, cup seals, and valves only.

Model #      HP        Buy it Now Price

2650            1/3                $59.99
2660            1/3                $59.99
2619 / 2639 1/3                $58.79
2669            1/3                $64.99
2685PE40    3/4               $59.99
2668            1/2                $68.99
668 / 688 Single Piston Models            $84.99

We have all of the kits Thomas Piston kits above available in a full OEM kit w/ screws if needed - it adds about $100 to the total price though.

GAST Brand Rocking Piston Compressor Kits

These kits come with sleeves, o-rings, head gaskets, cup seals, and valves only.

Model #                                           Buy it Now Price
87R6 Models Double Piston                        $169.99
87R Single Piston                                         $89.11
82R / 72R       Double Piston                        $78.99
74R1 Single Piston                                       $92.99
71R6 **NOT high PSI Model**                      $98.99

Matala MPC Series Piston Compressor Repair Kits

These come complete with sleeves, o-rings, head gaskets, cup seals, and valves.

Part #                      Buy it Now Price
MPC-60 1/4HP Model       $57.99 
MPC-120 1/2HP Model     $114.99 
MPC-200  3/4HP Model    $136.39

Kasco Teich Aire Compressor Service Kits

Part Number         HPFrequencyVoltageAmp @ 0 PSI   Price BUY IT NOW
KM-60C / HC        1/4     60            115       2.2                           $82.50
KM-120C / HC      1/2     60            115       34                           $162.00
KM-200C / HC      3/4     60            115       5.4                           $185.99

Airmax Rocking Piston Rebuild Kits

Airmax SilentAir RP Series Maintenance Kits contain the parts you need to restore your Airmax Aeration System to its maximum potential. Maintenance Kits should typically be installed every 12 to 18 months to ensure optimum performance.

Item #    Model #                  Buy it Now Price
510108 - RP25 (74R) 1/4 HP   $109.99
510510 - RP25 (87R) 1/4 HP   $129.99
510109 - RP33 (71R) 1/3 HP   $149.99
510111 - RP33 (82R) 1/3 HP   $129.99
510115 - RP50 (72R) 1/2 HP   $169.99
510511 - RP50 (87R) 1/2 HP   $169.99
510512 - RP75 (72R) 3/4 HP   $179.99

Matala / Hakko Pump Diaphragm Rebuild Kits

They include diaphragms to fix both sides. Refer to our trouble shooting section for directions on proper replacement procedure.

Tools you will need:

- 1 medium phillips screwdriver

- 1 small phillips screwdriver

- 1 medium pair of pliers

Note: If your diaphragms are blowing out frequently, you most likely have an excess back pressure problem in your design. Check that your air delivery tube is large diameter and no kinking is occurring. Check your air diffusers for clogging. Ceramic style air stones need cleaning with muriatic acid every 3 months typically. Check that the number of air diffusers is sufficient to handle the air output of your Hakko pump. Too few diffusers will create excess back pressure. Read the article titled "Heat Control for Air Pumps"

Item #                   Description                           Buy it Now Price 
HKD25          HK-D 25 Diaphragm Set                          $36.00 
HKD40          HK-D 40 Diaphragm Set                          $44.00 
HKD6080      HK-D 60/80 Diaphragm Set                    $47.00  
HKD120        HK-D 100/120 Diaphragm Set                $73.00 
HKD150-250HK-D150 / 200 / 250 Diaphragm Set       $146.00

GENERAL rule for rebuilding Compressors - corresponds to ALL models in general but specifically the GSE ZW280 model.

1.Remove the eight screws that hold the compressor heads in place.When removing the heads, be sure to keep each head and its components with the correct compressor side.

2.Check for proper placement of or damage to the gaskets on the bottom of the compressor heads. Replace if damaged.

3.Remove reed valve plates. A reed valve is located on each side of the valve plate.

4.The compressor reed valves should be flush with the valve plate. If The valve is broken or not flush with the valve plate, or foreign matter is detected inside the head, clean or replace the compressor reed valves.

4A. To replace the compressor reed valves. Remove the screw holding the compressor reed valves in position on the valve plate and discard the used reed valves.

b.Position the new reed valves so that they are centered and completely cover the holes in the valve plate.c.Place the metal retainer on the reed valves and secure with the reed valve screw.

5.Check for proper placement of or damage to the rubber o-ring on the bottom of the valve plate. Replace if damaged.

6.Remove piston sleeves by pulling upward and inspect the cup seal on pistons. Replace if badly worn or damaged.

To replace cup seal:

a.Remove rod screw from top of piston.
b.Remove the cup retainer plate.
c.Discard defective cup seal.
d.Place new cup seal into position.
e.Replace cup retainer plate.
f.Secure with screws.

7.Reposition sleeve on piston.noTe–In some cases, it may be easier to position sleeve on piston before installing a new cup seal and retainer plate. 

8.Place valve plates on the compressor so that heads of reed valve screws are aligned with the indentation on top of pistons.

9.Install the compressor heads so that the holes in the heads are aligned with the holes in the compressor housing.

10. Secure compressor heads with the screws. 

Below you will find a wide variety of Service & Rebuild Kits for most rocking piston Compressors, linear diaphragm pumps, and others.

  If you don't see one you are looking for just ask - We carry and stock tons of Kits from all suppliers. EasyPro, GSE, Thomas, Gast, Airmax, Hakko, Matala, HiBlow, Kasco, Blue Diamond, and many more - even ones that are decades old. If we don't have a kit for it - we can find a suitable replacement Pump for it.

Check out how to videos below for quick tips and helpful info below.